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Loudr is a collective of thinkers, visionaries, and seasoned experts who share an unwavering passion for crafting compelling narratives and executing strategies that deliver extraordinary results. With a wealth of experience spanning decades across diverse fields, our team stands united in their belief in the transformative power of custom, curated solutions and the profound impact of effective marketing. At Loudr, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and strategic thinking, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled service in achieving their marketing objectives.

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Jackie Brooks


Jackie Brooks, the trailblazing CEO of Loudr, is a celebrated marketing maven and business mogul. With her strategic mindset, she has propelled the company to global success, reshaping the marketing landscape. Growing up in the advertising industry, her unique business model caters to diverse brand types, providing innovative solutions to complex challenges. Jackie's disruptive and out-of-the-box approach has propelled numerous brands to unprecedented heights. Beyond her professional accomplishments, her dedication to family and community underscores her people-first values: empathy, integrity, and collaboration. Jackie currently resides in Denver, CO with her husband, Chris Gaskill, and their two children, Poppy and Teddy.

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Gus Garcia

Chief Growth Officer

Gus Garcia, the visionary Chief Growth Officer of Loudr, is a distinguished marketer and business developer with an extensive background in media advertising and creative strategy. Bringing a pivotal mindset to the Loudr team, Gus elevates our services to peak excellence. His unique combination of tenacity and a people-first approach allows him to foster and develop long-standing relationships with both legacy brands and cutting-edge businesses, ensuring their continued growth. Through his innovative strategies and unwavering dedication to success, Gus amplifies results for both our clients and our agency from our office in South Florida. In his free time, Gus enjoys staying active through fitness, is dedicated to non-profit work, and enjoys adventures with his Corgi, Charlie.

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Ashleigh Lynn

Chief Operating Officer

Ashleigh Lynn, the seasoned Chief Operating Officer of Loudr, combines her marketing expertise with a keen eye for efficiency. With a strong emphasis on streamlining processes, she establishes the rhythm of success across all departments. With a professional background that spans across traditional and digital marketing, Ashleigh Lynn's expertise extends beyond operations, bringing a valuable level of insight to both our clients and teams. Through a collaborative approach to management, she creates an environment where creativity and strategy integrate flawlessly. Although she never stops turning up the volume, Ashleigh enjoys spending time with her family of four in South Florida.

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Dewey Taylor

Creative Director

Dewey Taylor, the multi-talented Creative Director of Loudr, is a marketing mastermind, bringing innovation and imagination to the team. With an extensive background in media creation and business strategy, he successfully develops memorable, inspired campaigns that cut through the noise. His illustrious career has led him to create for a roster of globally renowned brands and Emmy Award winning studios. From business solutions to out-of-the-box advertising, Dewey leads with a results-driven approach to creative, setting our clients up for success. And, through his uplifting approach to leadership, encourages his team to expand their minds, explore their talents, and level up with Loudr.

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Ryan Servis

Director of Operations

Ryan Servis, the stoic Director of Operations at Loudr, is a detail-oriented leader with a keen eye for efficiency. With a diverse background in marketing, he brings a well-rounded perspective to Loudr, working across multiple departments to build a seamless workflow for both our team and clientele. Having worked in multiple departments across the company, Ryan relies on his own experiences to find solutions and implement positive change, allowing Loudr and our clientele to grow. His personal approach to leadership fosters connection between our offices, creating an environment built on trust and teamwork. Ryan resides in Denver where he oversees the success of Loudr's in-house marketing services.

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Lake Giles

Director of Web Strategy and SEO

Lake Giles, the innovative Director of Web Strategy and SEO at Loudr, is a marketing expert known for his technological approach to modern day marketing. With a foundation in sales and operations and an MBA in marketing, he seamlessly integrates digital technologies with marketing strategy, ensuring our clients grow with measurable results. Through an informative approach to leadership, he knows how to use technology to our client's advantage, cutting through the noise and turning up the volume on their marketing. When Lake isn't continuously elevating Loudr's digital offerings, he enjoys spending time exploring the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with his family.

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Julia Honey

Director of Digital Media

Julia Honey, the esteemed Director of Digital Media at Loudr, is a marketing powerhouse driven by client satisfaction. With an extensive knowledge of digital marketing, she leverages cutting edge tools and analytics to turn leads into conversions. Her intuitive understanding of marketing strategy allows her to guide a team of marketing experts through the digital landscape, ultimately becoming the trendsetters of the industry. Through an empathetic approach to leadership, she builds personal relationships with our clientele, ensuring they feel connected not only to their team, but to their digital growth strategy. Julia brings an unrivaled energy to the Florida office through her infectious personality and passion for Loudr.

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